Beautiful day to you, and thank you for joining me today. I believe you are on a quest for knowledge which is why you stumbled upon this article, so for the next few days, I would like to take you on a step by step journey and in my own little way, contribute to the development of your relationship with God as the most important thing to God is our relationship with Him which in turn affects our relationship with Men

Walking with God I would say is the most interesting journey any human can embark on while living. While it is interesting, most at times, it is not pleasing to the flesh as “wants” will contradict “needs” but the assuring fact is that it is pleasing to the Soul; knowing that the salvation of our soul is what we are after “what good is it for someone to gain the whole world and lose or forfeit his own soul” (Matt. 16:26, Mark 8:36, Luke 9:25). Also, as interesting as it is, it’s sometimes not interesting to our family and friends as God gets to spend more time with you then they do but another assuring fact is the reward will be evident for them all to enjoy. The most intriguing part of walking with God is that your spiritual growth is speeded; gradually transforming you into a supernatural being. So as you and I walk step by step on this sectional teachings, my believe is that at the end, your relationship with God will go deeper in measurement. So fasten your seat belt and trust me to take you on a life changing journey.

Our main sturdy character will be Enoch and sturdy text will be Genesis 5:22-24 (AMP)

“Enoch walked in habitual fellowship with God after the birth of Methuselah and had other sons and daughters so all the days of Enoch’s life were 365 years. And Enoch walked in habitual fellowship with God and he was not , for God took him home with Him”

I love the carefully selected words like “in habitual fellowship” used in this scripture. It gives an explicit explanation to the verb “walk” showing the way or manner Enoch walked with God and this “way or manner” made his walk with God historical (which is why the character of Enoch will be studied throughout life time)

Let’s break down these three words “WALK”, “HABITUAL” AND “FELLOWSHIP”


I have selected three definitions from the dictionary explanation of this action word “walk” as

  • To advance or travel on foot at a moderate speed or pace; proceed by steps; move by advancing the feet alternately so that there is always one foot on the ground in bipedal locomotion and two or more feet on the ground in quadrupedal locomotion”
  • To go about on earth, or appear to living persons, as a ghost.
  • To conduct oneself in a particular manner, pursue a particular course of life. And the example used was “to walk humbly with thy God”

HABITUAL –as in habit means

  • a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that s hard to give up.
  • An acquired behavioral pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary
  • A routine of behavior repeatedly regularly and tends to occur subconsciously


  • A community of interest, feeling etc
  • An association of persons having similar tastes, interests etc

Okay, now that we have broken down these words in simplicity, let’s go into the main course “how to walk with God”

I define walking with God as “the development of a consistent daily and intimate fellowship of His knowledge (who He is and what He represents)”. It is an habitual act that is acquired through a period of training; conscious subjection of the human body, its cravings and desires. It is more than having a 5- 10 minutes prayer life or Sunday- Sunday tonic  character attitude (having time for God only on Sundays) it is not a joking affair, rather it is for those who have decided to kill self i.e. “I”, “me”, “my” or “mine” so they can be alive in and to God. it is the total dependency on the help of His Spirit and His Word.

When God wants to take a stroll, you ought to be found available. It includes sleepless nights and sold out days. Dying to fleshy desires like food etc. Walking with God entails the eradication of fear, and having the fullness of faith with an open mind of no limitations. Because it a life time journey between humanity and divinity, having an open mind is of topmost importance as the human mind has its limitations while God is the unlimited God. One must know that God can do anything and all things. One must also know that God can use anything to the Glory of His name being the owner of all this that exist. I say this because we have Christians who do not believe some things are godly so they rather term such things as magic or black magic or devilish. I always say there is no power that is greater than God’s and if there is a fake; it is only an indication that there is an original.

Nothing is bigger than God and for anybody to want to walk with God, the person must first establish this fact that he or she is in for a mind-blowing ride that will dazzle and defile all human or scientific reasoning. Anybody can walk with God; whether you are young or old in age or in Christendom, the only criteria needed is a pure and ready heart. “A ready heart” because your availability to God is one thing that qualifies you for the journey and “a pure heart” because we know the heart is what God looks at. In the book of Matthew, chapter 5, Jesus shares some deep secrets with us; revealing some key points needed for the kingdom of God and amongst the 9 secrets, the one that relates directly to God is “blessed are the pure in heart” for the reward of those that are pure in heart is that they shall see God. (Just between you and I, sometimes I feel the simplicity of the manner at which Jesus shares these secret makes some people miss the gravity of the whole deal. Because they sounds and look simple, many people do not have the clear meaning to these beatitudes but then again, it is a secret, so it can’t be easy. On the grounds of love, Jesus gave away so many secrets that are hidden in simple words and parables;  all the more reason why we need the help of the Holy Spirit when reading the bible) so you can’t harbor guiles like “Hate”, “Un-forgiveness”, “Malice”, “Envy”, “Contention”, “Greed”, “Bitterness”, “Anger” and walk with God. Now we both know that these things are normal human feelings. It is not easy to forgive a betrayal, especially from a loved one and it is certainly not facile to like or love those who hate you and will go any length to harm you. Sometimes, we take vengeance into our hands because we want instant repercussion. All these are humanly considerable or understandable but when we harbor these feelings that seem to have excuses for popping up, we do ourselves more harm and almost no good. We lay heavy weights on our shoulders that become burdens we carry everywhere we go and God certainly doesn’t want that for us. His plans for us are good and not deadweights. Plus these burdens certainly aren’t godly so for one to walk with God, one must empty oneself so God can fill him or her.

In the best and easiest way I can, I will be talking on 5 important tools needed in walking with God .


As easy as this may sound, this is the foundation upon which the others will lay. We had earlier defined fellowship as an association of persons having similar interest or feeling and based on this, we know that before one can fellowship with anyone, they must have the same interest.

One of the reasons behind our existence is fellowship. Remember God dialoging in the book of Genesis on making man in their image; after their likeness and after making man, He would habitually come in the cool of the evening to be with man. (read Genesis chapters 1 &2 ) This is so because fellowshipping is an important aspect of the God-Head. It took a group of divinity with a common interest to come together in agreement to create their kind which is man. Fellowshipping didn’t start the day man was created, rather it existed prior to the creation of man so when man was made in the image of God, he already had inside of him the character of fellowshipping which is why all living things fellowship in one way or the other.

Walking with God starts from building a private fellowship with God. This is so different from when we fellowship together as a family, group, church or ministry. The psalmist in his quest for deeper intimacy with God said to him “O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where there is no water; to see thy power and thy Glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary” (Psalm 63: 1-2).

Imagine being in the desert – a dry, very dry land that requires a miracle for water and your craving for water or food (basic necessities for human survival) is nothing compared to your craving for the presence of God. Trust me; it takes some with a deep and strong private fellowship lifestyle to do that. God prior to the time David was in the wilderness of Judah had been David’s lifestyle; yes lifestyle. Though David had his ups and downs in character, his heart was fixated upon God: meditating upon Him both day and night, pouring out his sensational affections to God and the evidence of this deep intimate relationship still lives; such that thousands of generations after him prayer his prayer, recite his poems and sing his songs.

He was a beloved of God and one after God’s heart because He made God his beloved and one after his very own heart

What God I have made God to be to me doesn’t have to be what you can make God to be to you.  As diverse as we are in colour and individuality, so are we when we commune with God. we might be  hundreds of thousands in one gathering but when we lift our hearts up in worship, God picks and relates to hearts individually. Even when we, pray David’s prayers and recite his poems or sing his songs, we do it different from how he did it as God see us at such times and not David.

If the world’s population is however billions, trillions or zillions then we must know that God can accommodate every single body’s feeling for him. So what do you do? You create your very own kind of unique relationship with Him and start building it from there. And to build it, you must carve out time from your 24hrs in a day and give for your relationship. No relationship can grow without communication; therefore, daily communication private with God strengthens your personal relationship with Him

When we give God every day 30mins, 1 hour or even hours to God, it means volume to God. it says “I recognize you and I recognize that I cannot do without you. I love you and you mean everything to me, even this life that I live”. It says “I cannot find a way without you, I cannot be successful without you, I cannot survive without you”.  It says “I am because You are, and You are because of me”

Wondering what to say in your carved out time? Well, I would say, you should worry no more. Because God is after sincerity of heart, it makes our fellowship with Him all the more easier. JUST SAY HOW YOU FEEL. All that David did was to say what and how he felt.  The best person to tell everything  in confidence knowing your secret is safe is God. When you are angry, tell Him, when you are happy, tell Him, when you feel somewhat feeling for someone you are supposed to feel something for, tell him and when you feel something for someone you aren’t supposed to feel something for, tell Him. When you tell God anything and everything in a day, you will find out you have communicated with him at the end of the day

Building a personal fellowship lifestyle with God is not as tedious as it has been portrayed. God is not a monster therefore there is nothing to fear.  If you fear that you might not be good enough and you’re still alive, then you are not just good enough, you are perfect. All you need is to start today; wait, as a matter of fact, start right now. Go ahead and tell him how you feel right now. Confused, in a cross road, excited…whatever it is, just tell him. HIS EARS ARE NEXT TO YOUR MOUTH and He loves to hear you talk. Your voice means everything to him as much as HE means everything to you

And that’s how to build your personal fellowship with God…

Talk to you soon as we look into the other points…

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