Our Pastor


Prophet Maseke Daniels

Prophet Maseke Daniels is the President and Founder of Grace Dimensions Ministry. A vision shot from the Throne of Grace. With the Mandate of taking the message of Grace to the ends of the World and making people’s purposes known to them, he passionately works towards the fulfillment of this vision.

This man with a divinely heart and Elegance is a strangely anointed Prophet with diverse manifestations of the Spirit deeply rooted in the Word of Truth. With the tenderness of heart and compassion for dying souls, he brings laughter to the needy and upliftment to the down trodden. As the days turn into years, this strangely anointed prophet is pressing towards the mark of the high calling of God through Jesus Christ and leaving his foot prints on the sands of time.

Known for his deep mature understanding of the Word and his ability to rightfully divide it such that a ‘baby’ would understand and rapidly grow, Prophet Maseke Daniels is bent on building godly influential Generals who would make heavenly impact on earth.


Pastor Franca Daniels

Pastor Franca Daniels is married to Prophet Maseke Daniels. Engrace with a beautiful heart that earnestly follows the vision of her husband, she presses towards the fulfillment of this purpose daily with all humility and submission.

Rooted in the Word of God under the remarkable tutorship of her husband and mentor, Pastor Franca Daniels delivers the Word with clarity and preciseness potent enough to spawn miracles. She is called into the women ministry and is gifted with the unique Spirit of Counseling.

In her words “For this vision I was birthed and in the fulfillment of this vision, will I put a smile on my maker’s face. Therefore, I follow and pursue like one with no other sight but that of his master’s”.