Our Vision


Taking take the fullness of grace to the people of the world, transforming them into the image of Christ

Grace is what God called us to distribute, so no matter how bad you are, we believe there is hope for you. In Grace Dimensions Ministry, we do not give up on anybody; we stay with you until God makes something beautiful out of your life. Everyone is important to us, no one is insignificant. That is Grace!

OUR PURPOSE (what we live for)

We make known other people’s purpose, bring them to it and help them fulfill it.

Your purpose is discovered when you come into Grace Dimensions Ministry. We help you discover it and teach you how to fulfill it. We make you know you were born for a reason and encourage you to live the life you were created for. At Grace Dimensions Ministry, GOD and You is all that matters. Nobody is a write-off; we believe everyone is special and unique in their own different ways as each individual is a facet of God

OUR MISSION (assignment/mandate)

To bring unity to the body of Christ, to equip, build and restore the five-fold ministry of God, through the Prophetic.

We believe strongly believe in the five-fold ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teacher) Ephesians 4:11. We do not discriminate churches because we believe God has called us to do the same thing through different ways so we celebrate other ministries. Our mandate is to bring unity to the body of Christ through the Prophetic.

OUR MOTTO (banner)

Where your future lies

We project you into the future; we know you have a future and we believe in that future, so we project you into the original plan on God’s blue print as pertaining to your life. We help you with our resources, time, finances, prayers, counsel…